Real Estate Investment Options

The best real estate investments can be highly lucrative, but knowing where to put your money takes careful consideration. These are some of the best options to suit every investing style.

Rental Property

One of the most significant benefits of owning rental properties is the steady stream of income they provide over the long term. They also offer substantial tax benefits with deductible insurance, mortgage interest, and maintenance expenses. Still, being a landlord is not appropriate for anyone unwilling to commit the time necessary to oversee a building’s maintenance or tenants’ needs.

Fix and Flip

Knowledgeable investors can make significant profits by purchasing homes, funding their repairs, and selling them quickly for a profit. A fix and flip investing strategy require investors to have a good sense of the market and neighborhoods’ desirability, access to acquisition and repair capital, and the ability to plan for unexpected repair costs or an inability to find a buyer.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

REITs own and operate income-producing real estate and provide opportunities to invest in them similar to how they would invest in mutual funds. Trusts earn profits by leasing and renting their real estate holdings and issuing nearly all their income to their shareholders, who pay the taxes on them. They provide ideal real estate investments for anyone who prefers a hands-off approach but has the capital to invest.

Alternative Lending

When real estate investors do not have the necessary cash to fund a property purchase or repairs, they may seek alternative lending options when traditional funding sources are not available.  Alternative lenders can benefit from their borrowers’ real estate investments by providing loans in exchange for high-interest repayment rates. Alternative lending platforms that match lenders with individuals seeking loans eliminate much uncertainty around finding investment opportunities.

House Hacking

This type of real estate investment involves using others to pay for your housing expenses. Individuals live in a portion of their property, such as a unit within an apartment building, and rent out the other parts. House hacking can also happen on a smaller scale by renting out a single room in a home. House hacking is an excellent way for new real estate investors to learn what it takes to become landlords and generate income with minimal risk.

Real estate investments are an excellent way to grow your money, with many options available depending on your risk tolerance. Successful investors take the necessary time to familiarize themselves with the options and are willing to walk away from opportunities that require them to overextend themselves.


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