Purchase Order Financing

Leap Over Gaps in Working Capital With Purchase Order Financing

For many companies that sell finished merchandise, the gap between paying suppliers and receiving payment from customers may be as long as a few months. If you are facing cash flow problems, this gap may seem insurmountable. At Right Commercial Lending, LLC, we offer purchase order financing that is designed to help businesses like yours to capitalize on the full demand for their products.

What Is PO Financing?

This form of financing is similar to a loan, but the process is generally simpler, more efficient and less risky. After Right Commercial Lending, LLC pays your supplier for the goods you need, you then give any invoices from customer purchases to us. We deduct our repayment costs and then return the profits to you.

PO financing often works well for a variety of types of companies:

  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers

How May PO Financing Help Your Company?

Working with Right Commercial Lending, LLC to fund your purchase orders has multiple benefits:

  • Ensure that customers receive purchases on time.
  • Reach a wider customer base.
  • Increase profits by taking on larger purchase orders.
  • Retain working capital to avoid severe cash flow problems.

If you are ready to learn more about how our financing solutions may catalyze your business’s growth, give Right Commercial Lending, LLC a call today. You already have a great product; now all you need is the working capital to get it to as many consumers as possible.