About Us

About Us


To educate businesses on business credit and get the funding needed to build, grow, and succeed

Mission Statement:

To guide, connect and help structure customized loan solutions for all types of businesses. At Right Commercial Lending our goal is to educate and provide unique solutions to guide companies through the process of obtaining the best and most competitive financial terms. We believe in providing outstanding customer service while building long term relationships.

Janisha N. Richardson, Co-Founder:

Janisha Richardson is an experienced accountant with over 25 years in the financial industry. She has the ability to develop solutions and identify the financial products that best match an individual, business, or organization’s needs. As the co-founder of Richardson & Moore, LLC; a tax and business consulting company, Janisha understands how important it is for real estate investors and business owners to have quick and easy access to capital. As a Business Credit strategist, Janisha helps business owners by creating tailored solutions for their funding needs and advising clients on how to obtain five to six-figure lines of credit for business capital. Janisha holds a degree in Business Administration and Accounting from California State University, Fresno, and is a long-time resident in Washington, DC.