Equipment Financing

Finance or Lease Your Equipment To Maintain Working Capital

Finding your next equipment purchase is often a challenge for most businesses. While some companies may have the available working capital to make such a large purchase, they tend to hold off to maintain cash flows. Unfortunately, many companies see it as a take it or leave it situation, but there is a way to get the equipment you need while maintaining your company savings. Here at Right Commercial Lending, LLC,   we offer a variety of equipment financing and leasing options.  Our equipment leasing programs offer excellent interest rates and can provide terms of up to 84 months for repayment.

Additionally, we offer various repayment structures and can provide approval within 24 hours. We can also offer up to $500,000 for middle-market financing or more for larger ticket items with no or little money down. Also, to speed up the application process, those requesting up to $150,000 will not require a financial statement.

Understanding Our Programs

While many companies offer various leasing options to businesses, we pride ourselves on the four primary offerings we provide: startup programs, sale-leaseback programs, B, C and D credit programs, and government and municipal leasing programs. Our startup programs are designed to help new businesses with less than 2 years of operations, allowing them to finance the equipment they need to develop their products and services.

Our sale and leaseback programs allow businesses to use the equity in existing equipment as working capital. We will essentially purchase the equipment you need, and you make payments until the balance is repaid. Upon full repayment, the ownership of the equipment is turned over to you.

Our B, C and D credit programs, are designed for businesses and borrowers with less than optimal credit. These programs offer significant opportunities for struggling businesses to get the equipment they need.

Finally, the government and municipal leasing programs provide guaranteed approval for lease financing on equipment for government and Municipal entities. These businesses will include such institutions as police departments, state agencies, and public schools.

If you need equipment, contact a Right Commercial Lending, LLC representative to begin an application. You can have your approval in as little as 24 hours.