Helpful Flying Tips for Young Professionals

Not everyone is a world-weary air traveler. The idea of zipping around the country in a metal tube may be a frightening concept if you lack a history of taking to the friendly skies. Let the following business travel advice for fliers make your initial journeys more comfortable and snafu-free. 


Refrain from overstuffing suitcases. Exceeding the weight limit is typically accompanied by an additional charge. That said, bring along spare outfits that you can mix and match. You’ll be thankful for having them on hand if one gets ruined or the weather shifts on a dime. Keep in mind that planes allow everyone a small carry-on bag. Take full advantage of this opportunity to pack extra socks and underwear. Include a book or other form of entertainment to occupy you during delays.


Arrive at the airport far ahead of the time printed on your ticket. Even in the wee hours, there can be heaving crowds that impede reaching one’s gate. Take a taxi or rideshare service if doing so costs less than paying for parking while out of town. Before leaving home, double-check that you’re carrying everything necessary, including a phone charger and information about where you’ll be staying. Also, have identification on hand; without it, you’ll be unable to board your flight. Security asks everyone to remove glasses, belts, and shoes. You’ll also be required to empty your pockets. Don’t take it personally if you get frisked. TSA agents are known to check people randomly.


There’s no need to feel nervous about lifting off. The odds of a commercial airliner crashing are extremely low. Statistically speaking, they’re even safer than automobiles. Drum out the sound of the plane’s motors with music. Many airlines offer complimentary listening stations. Some even provide libraries of movies and television shows for passengers to pick through. Keep in mind that dining on domestic flights has decreased significantly. It’s a good move to buy grub before boarding. 


You’ve made it to your destination! Pay attention to the announcement regarding what luggage terminal you should seek. Be patient, as unloading suitcases sometimes takes a while. With any luck, your baggage will arrive in a timely fashion.

Business travel can be intimidating when you’re a novice, yet even those new to flying can have a positive experience. If you’re suffering trepidation, fear not. Pretty soon, you’ll be free of worry and teaching others what to do.


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